Hello, Education is one of the basic stages of starting the world struggle, every one is fighting against all odds just to achieve it but guess what? not all of us are accessing it. Details of struggle since I lost my Parent are well available. Behind this, how can I do it to achieve by LLB though I cant support my self financially?
NABIRYE DORCUSGLORIA Africa, Uganda Jan 16, 2019
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HOw to get sponsored

Hello. I am Rubel . I did not know how to get sponsored process. who person can sponsored me. please sir help me. I waiting for your information

By :rubel meha  |  488 Day(s) ago   |  00 Report Abuse


Hello. I am a Zambian female aged 19 and I have a passion for education. My guardians are retired and cannot afford to pay for my fees. I wish to study architecture so that I can help my country develop but I have no funding. Im in desperate need of sponsorship. Please help.

By :Hope Katongo  |  505 Day(s) ago   |  00 Report Abuse

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